Thursday, February 18, 2010

think I'm going to make it!

As usual, the guage swatch wasn't quite a realistic indication of what I'm ending up with on the actual garment. But that's good news. I'm going to need less rows - I think 4.5 repeats of pattern C will do it. I'm almost up to the armholes/neck decreases. Here's some time-lapse photography.

I got a lot done last night while watching the US bag all their medals. Canada doesn't seem to be owning the podium - at least not yet.

Yesterday I picked up my regular medium share from the organic veggie co-op

and it had a bunch of cilantro that was so fragrant I just had to make some thing with it, even though I don't really like cilantro. I tried this recipe Bowties w/basil, cilantro and spinach. But instead of bowties I used penne and instead of basil I used oregano and I didn't have much goat cheese so I added some cream cheese and it was awfully thick so I added some buttermilk and I'm not sure if what I used was actually spinach or some sort of chard or kale or something. Anyway it tasted ok, but kind of looked like puke.

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