Friday, February 19, 2010

relaxing on a Friday afternoon

This is what my couch normally looks like. The bearded one (Alex) works 30 hours a week at Home Depot and usually starts at 5 am. Then he goes to school. So when he's at home he usually looks like this. The little one (Harley) also works pretty hard. There's napping, playing frisbee, walking and, oh yeah more napping.

Clyde is in his preferred position on my chair under my shirt. That little piece of black is what I get to sit on.

The vest is rolling along, but I'd really like to get the body knit this weekend so I've got some time to do all the steeks and trim. There's a long neckband, both armholes and vents at the sides and I'll need to be careful in picking up stitches along the edges to get it to lay nice and flat.

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