Monday, April 5, 2010

If only this yarn could talk!

I used to be able to look at some leftover yarn and remember exactly what I'd made with it, where I was, what stage in my life I was... It all brought back such good memories. Now I can look at something like this:

and wonder - where the heck did that come from? I don't remember knitting with it at all! but it does have my signature "wrap the end around the ball in the opposite direction for a while" move. If I'd never used it before the end would be just a little bit peeking out of the middle.

It took several minutes of intense investigation to discover that this was not Lorna's Laces as I initially suspected, but I think it's Shelridge Farms and I'm pretty sure I made these socks with it. The solid colour was a light green and this variegated yarn was used in the diamonds.

But I'll be darned if I can find these socks, and there's no index card for them in my usually reliable knitting project filing system.

Although I do make so many socks I stopped keeping track of them at some point, so just because there isn't a card doesn't mean I didn't make them.
I've given away a lot of socks, so maybe they are on someone's feet even as we speak!

I prefer to think of this as an indication of just how many socks I've knit over the past few years, not an indication of the increasing feebleness of my memory.

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